Just because he didn’t believe in them, didn’t mean they weren’t trying to kill him

Nathan Custer was a primary school teacher until he was almost killed in a car accident. He survived the crash but he was left with plenty of scars, not all of them visible. Now he believes that his ex-girlfriend has been kidnapped and the only way to prove his sanity (and win back her heart) is to find her. Since the accident Nathan has been seeing things. Thanks to the help of a court appointed psychiatrist he has learned how to distinguish between the things that are in  his head and the things that are real. Then he meets The Ghouls.

At first he tries to ignore them but they don't go away. Then he tries to fight them but they are too strong. When Nathan tries to run away The Ghouls pursue him and they won't give up. He doesn't know whether they are real or just in his head.  If they are real then the lives of everyone he has ever met are at risk. If they are all in his head then how can he explain why the people he cares about keep turning up dead?